Onam 2015

Onam is the biggest and most important festival of the people of Kerala. It is a harvest festival celebrated with joy and enthusiasm all over the state by people of all communities. This festival has migrated with the people of Kerala to various countries including Australia. Every Onam brings fond memories of grand feast, pookkalam (floral arrangement) and traditional games.

Ente Keralam hosted Onam celebration on Sunday 23rd August 2015. Around 400 people participated in the cultural event and the traditional games. The entire program was colourful as all the ladies and gentlemen wore their traditional ‘sari’ and ‘mundu’ respectively.

Megan Hopper, the then Mayor of Moreland City Council was the chief Guest of the day. She showed her solidarity in our cultural event by wearing Kerala’s traditional sari and gave a beautiful message on Onam. She was looking stunning and was crowned as the “Malayalee Manga” title of the day.

There were also many stage programs including puli kali, thiruvathira , oppana, dances and live nadanpattu visualisation. Men, women and children took active participation in all cultural programs and games.

The most important feature of Onam is “Onam Sadhya” (grant feast). Ente Keralam organised sumptuous Onam Sadhya with 22 curries and 2 varieties of payasam. Entire crowd enjoyed Onam Sadhya and sharing.

More than a cultural event, it was a place to meet, mingle and mix… Looking forward to a wonderful Onam 2016 and a delicious Onam Sadhya……

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