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From a very simple gathering of seven families in 2011 for the traditional Onam Celebration in Oak Park Victoria ‘Ente Keralam’ gradually evolved into a remarkable community evergrowing and engaging with all sections of the society. The vision and mission of this great assimilation in to the multicultural hub of the world- is to shape up the community to address the growing challenges of the fast changing world simultaneously upholding our great tradition and culture. It is established for the purpose of promoting cultural and linguistic awareness and interest of Malayalee culture, its people and its community as well as enhancing furthering pluralism and diversity. The forum strives to bring together members with a showed passion for the Kerala identity and seeks to contribute to diversity of the local communities through various cultural activities.

Despite the difference in politics, religion, views and opinions everyone is driven by the ever exalted Slogan of ‘Unity in diversity’ so deeply enshrined in our minds. It thrives to embrace the welcoming culture of this great nation and to engage pro- actively in nation building with everyone and thereby try to Join hands into a Great Culture.


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